The Ballet Collection

Ballet collection


If you are a seasoned professional ballet dancer, teacher or you just do it as an adult as a way to keep you fit, ballet is a way of life and can be an extension of your identity. Make sure your outfit is 'En Pointe' and looking beautiful with one of our must have ballet tops. Just perfect for wearing to class, meeting a friend for coffee or just simply hanging out at home. 

Here's our top Fav's in our Ballet collection: 

1. Meet Me at the Barre Sweatshirt

Our best seller by far, this super soft, luxurious and relaxed fit sweatshirt is just perfect for throwing over a leotard or wearing at the barre! It comes in two colours, grey or black.

2. En Pointe Vest 

Is your outfit "En Pointe?" It will be with this super soft and flowy, spaghetti strap vest. It looks incredibly flattering on and is just the right amount of length to be worn with leggings. It comes in two colours the most gorgeous ballet pink and black.

3. Meet Me at the Barre Longline t-shirt

It's so good that we've made it in to a t-shirt too! This is a longline t-shirt with a wide neck and enough length to cover the bum when wearing leggings. The sleeves are slightly kimono so they also cover the upper arm nicely. Available in white and black. 

4. Dance Stuff Duffel bag

This gorgeous soft bag has enough room to fit all of your dance needs inside! Room for shoes, change of clothes, towel, water bottle. You name it, it will fit in this bag. Plus it's got the great slogan on the side, 'Dance Stuff' 

So if it's your first class or you've been going to class forever, give your outfit a revamp with our beutiful ballet inspired collection. 


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