Are You Back to Dance Class Ready?


After another long old lockdown of dancing at home, are you ready and excited to go back to your dance classes in person? It's so much fun planning what to wear on your first class back. Have you got your outfit sorted? Maybe we can help! 

Here are a few of our 'must have items'

1. Dance Bag

Our 'Dance Stuff' bag can literally fit sooooo much stuff in it. It's the Mary Poppins bag for dancers. You will have enough room for multiple changes, shoes, hair stuff, towel, and even room for snacks and drinks. 

2. Cute Top

Well we have many, many of those to choose from but I went for this cute 'Weekends are for Dancing' slogan spaghetti strap vest. It's super light, soft to touch and the metallic lettering makes it look really smart. 

3. Zip Up Hoodie 

Something to cover up before and after class. This cropped zoodie is perfect to wear over your top or leo and has a really fun back design that we love..."Wanna Dance? Hell Yeah" 

So now your outfit is sorted, all you've got to do now is remember the steps! 

Have an amazing time! 

Hayley x x

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